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ScanNews : Study English News


Simply click the words you want to know while reading news.You can learn English by reading or listening with the English newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and YouTube very easily with ScanNews.✔ The newspapers and magazines in the various fields and languages.· Sites: NewYork Times, TED, VOA, BBC, etc.· Languages: English (Chinese, Japanese, German, French newspapers are available for some countries)✔ TV and Radio channels.· Channels: CNN Student News, TED, VOA Learning English, BBC Learning English, etc.✔ My channels, My bookmark, My playlist✔ My vocabulary✔ Provides a variety of multilingual dictionaries.· English-Korean, English-Japanese, English-Chinese, English-Indonesian, English-Vietnamese, English-Thai dictionary, etc.· Korean-English, Korean-Japanese, Korean-Chinese, Korean-Indonesian, Korean-Vietnamese dictionary, etc.✔ One-click dictionary search and save.✔ Listen and speak a sentence
**********· Please note that network traffic occurs when loading the news site or searching the dictionary. (Preferably using Wifi environment is recommended)· ScanNews displays no advertisement at all, the advertisement seen in the news is originally from a news site.**********